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  • 92 videos of the McKenzie Method® of Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy® (MDT®) clinical procedures, as demonstrated by Faculty of the McKenzie Institute International® (MII) and approved by the MII Education Council
  • The videos relate purely to the Lumbar, Cervical and Thoracic Spine. They do not include exercises relating to the Extremities.
  • Additional photographs, explanatory text and voiceover
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  • Restricted facility to share video with patients (7 day expiry)

For use:

  1. by Credentialled or Diplomaed McKenzie clinicians (Cred. MDT, Dip. MDT) as a clinical tool;
  2. by physiotherapists, doctors or other MII approved professionals, as an adjunct to the textbooks or official course materials pertaining to the MII post-graduate programme – to find your nearest course: https://mckenzieinstitute.org/

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These videos are not designed for use by patients without the guidance of an accredited McKenzie clinician. Only professionals who have become credentialled (Cred MDT) or diplomaed (Dip. MDT) in this specialised field, by full completion of the McKenzie Institute International post-graduate educational programme, are able to promote themselves as qualified practitioners of the McKenzie Method®.


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Have a question?

[In my clinical experience]About 80% of patients with common back problems can be taught the self treatment methods described [in these videos]. Of those 80%, only 10% will require the clinician procedures. Robin McKenzie